CONFERENCE AGENDA September 19, 20, 21 2016
VENUE Shanghai, China Hyatt on the Bund

devcon two | featured presentations 

The agenda is alive! A handful of special guests and presentations will be added and order of presentations may be adjusted, including designation of start times and duration. Every presentation in the Devcon2 agenda is a featured one that has been selected to contribute to providing the most comprehensive, relevant and interesting overall conference to our community of developers.

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conference information & format

The International Blockchain Week was organized to provide the R&D-focused Devcon2 and the business & industry focused Global Summit in a single weeklong venue to facilitate interaction and cross-pollination across all events.

The Ethereum Foundation presents

Devcon2 – September 19, 20, 21

Once a year, the Foundation’s own team of developers and researchers emerge from their dev caves to present and discuss their most current work and innovations. They are joined by guest speakers who represent key contributors, collaborators, partners, peers and colleagues from the greater Ethereum community.

Wanxiang Blockchain Labs presents

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Demo Day – September 22

This new event provides a day for entrepreneurs and founders to demo and pitch their companies, concepts and innovations to attendees interested in exploring the world of blockchain startups and ventures.

Global Blockchain Summit – September 23, 24

This 2nd annual conference in Shanghai is known for attracting top-level attendees from Asia and around the world in business, trade and industry, government, and more.

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venue & map

199 Huangpu Road,
Shanghai 200080 CHINA
上海外滩茂悦大酒店 中国上海黄浦路199号 邮政编码:200080
Telephone:+86 21 6393 1234

See detailed information on the Hyatt's map and directions page.

The 5-star Hyatt on the Bund hotel is located on the Huang Pu River in the heart of Shanghai, a city that is both a global financial hub, as well as the home to Chinese blockchain developers and pioneers, many of whom are part of Ethereum’s growing community in China.

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China's 144-hour visa-free policy
As of January 30, 2016, mainland China instituted a new TWOV (Travel without Visa) policy that allows travelers from 51 countries/regions to transit in Shanghai for up to a maximum of 144 hours (six days) without holding a visa. However, it may still be easier to get a visa.

The issue is that the new China TWOV does not appear to accommodate direct round-trip travel (i.e. Chicago-Shanghai-Chicago) would not qualify for the TWOV. In the case of Devcon2, Shanghai must be a layover/stop in your trip that includes other destinations. In other words, you must be in transit to a third country (after leaving Shanghai). The third “country” can be Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan, since for immigration purposes they are not considered to be part of the People's Republic of China (PRC).

The article China: Visa-free transits, provides a clear explanation of the conditions and procedures for special transit without visa policy in the PRC. Scroll down to the section “144-hour visa-free transit”.

Official event invitations

For official entry requirements to China, contact your nearest Chinese Embassy or Consulate well in advance of your anticipated trip. Reference: official list of Chinese embassies.

To request an invitation letter to be used in China visa applications, email the appropriate organization:

For International Blockchain Week (full week tickets) and Demo Day/Summit events, email to request invitation letter from Wanxiang Blockchain Labs (WBL), the Chinese venue host and coordinator of the International Blockchain Week (Sept 19-24).

For Ethereum Foundation’s Devcon2 event only (Sept 19, 20, 21), email “ATTN: INVITATION LETTER” in the subject line.

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