Towards Web3 Infrastructure

Ethereum’s multi-protocol stack offers a unique opportunity to directly implement web interactions as contractually binding agreements. The web 3 vision is based on the premise that decentralised base-layer infrastructure exist providing backend functionality to interactive web applications in an easy to build-on, frictionless way. The focus will be on representing structured data, providing incentivised real-time communications and transparent linking of browser actions to on or off-chain transactions.

Databases of the traditional LAMPs stack is a pain point in migrating well-understood web-application design to the Ethereum ecosystem. The provable DB framework implemented with IPFS merkle DAGs and Swarm manifest tries play central role. On the one hand their logic and structure are tied to the blockchain for verification, while they serve as reference to distributed low-latency query servers for accelerated real time access and a computational market of decentralised indexers.

Various flavours of incentivised routed messaging over devp2p provide a suite of communication tools including devp2p discovery

and unicast, multicast, subscription and incentivised state channel networks.

Contract verification, natural language support for transactions, governed name services and fine-grained access control to usage data all help bring security, transparency and privacy in the user experience.

In this talk we will sketch components and interactions in such an architecture.

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Location: grand ballroom Date: September 19, 2016 Time: 12:25 pm - 12:40 pm Viktor Trón