IPFS and Ethereum: Projects, Important News, Demos, and More

IPFS — the InterPlanetary File System — is a next-generation web transport protocol to make the Web faster, safer, decentralized, and permanent. It is based on git, bittorrent, and other p2p systems. Content-addressed and signed hyperlinks allow web content and apps to be distributed peer-to-peer, to work without an origin server, to be encrypted end-to-end, to be censorship resistant, to work while offline, and more.

This talk includes:

  • 1) a short introduction to IPFS for those new to it.
  • 2) an update on important Ethereum-relevant developments since DEVCON1.
  • 3) js-ipfs, the IPFS implementation on the browser, for Web3 Apps.
  • 4) IPLD, standard data format for hash linked data structures.
  • 5) ??? And an Important Surprise !!!

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Location: grand ballroom Date: September 21, 2016 Time: 10:05 am - 10:25 am Juan Benet