devcon3 | agenda & presentations

Ethereum Foundation is pleased to feature presentations on research and development it supports throughout the agenda, along with Ethereum community presentations from around the world. As in past years, exact times and duration of accepted presentations may be adjusted to best deliver the overall program. By popular demand, Devcon3 has increased capacity to include more presentations in a Breakout Hall, which enabled the inclusion of many more presentations.

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devcon3 | 2017 conference overview

For those of you who have experienced Devcon in the past and are looking forward to this year’s event, it should be the best one to date! This year, we have dedicated convention center space that has been scaled up three times since the conference was first sold out in July. Due to successfully increasing the event capacity over the last three months, we were able to release passes to many if not most waitlisted requestors.

Thanks to our amazing and resilient community and an abundance of enthusiasm, Devcon3 has two and a half times the number of attendees as last year. And the added Breakout Hall has enabled Devcon3 to include many additional presentations.

The Foundation is pleased to continue to provide the main developers conference in the Ethereum space for a community that stands out for its shared vision and involvement in community-driven open source projects and beyond.

This year, Devcon3 has reached out to more Ethereum community developers, students and university people than ever before. Additionally, the participant demographic is also the most international and globally diverse one to date.

As a developers conference, Ethereum Foundation's Devcon event and agenda is designed to help inform, educate and address interests of the Ethereum R&D community, including those who are learning about the technology and projects supported by the Foundation as well as ones undertaken in the greater development community. While the Devcon program is technical by nature, all who wish to attend are welcome!

Be sure to review the Devcon3 terms and conditions.

devcon3 videos available now!

To accommodate the biggest post-devcon request, we’re happy to announce that Devcon3 videos are now available for viewing!

As promised, we recorded sessions from both the main hall and breakout hall on all four days of Devcon3. Given we had two halls instead of one this year, and also added a full forth day of presentations, we’re pleased to provide the complete recorded sessions in a fraction of the time it took last year. Camerawork and raw footage was cleaner this year, and it helped to bring the post production team onsite to expedite producing and posting the videos.

See the Ethereum Foundation Devcon3 playlists on YouTube here:

DAY 1 (November 1, 2017)

DAY 2 (November 2, 2017)

DAY 3 (November 3, 2017)

DAY 4 (November 4, 2017)

Here are some extra playlists organized by topic for convenience:

Official Devcon3 photos are available here for viewing: 

Devcon3 venue location

Cancún ICC (International Convention Center)
Boulevard Kukulcán KM. 9 1er Piso, Zona Hotelera, 77500 Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico

The Cancún ICC is located in the heart of the Hotel Zone (Zona Hoteleras).

Travel and Accommodations

Information on airport transfers: Airport Transfers – Devcon3 Group Rates

If you will be searching for your own lodging, the area in Cancún is typically referred to as "Hotel Zone" and/or "Convention Center" on travel booking sites.

Preferred lodging and accommodation rates near the convention center that were provided to requestors may still be available. However, better rates may be found on the web as hotel rates fluctuate daily and the start of show nears.

Note: the Mexican national holiday "El Día de los Muertos" (Day of the Dead), is observed on November 1 & 2 this year. As there is increased domestic travel to holiday destinations in Mexico, it is suggested Devcon3 attendees arrange for travel and accommodations well in advance.

Visa information for travel to Mexico

Citizens or permanent residents (with accredited documentation) from the following countries do not need visas to travel to Mexico: Canada, the United States of America, Japan, UK or any other country pertaining to the Schengen Space. Permanent residents of Member Countries of the Alianza del Pacifico also do not require visas to travel to Mexico. Reference: Visas for foreigners

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