Devcon3, Day 4 – P2P Technologies Breakout 10:20 am – 4:30 pm

The Breakout Session on P2P Technologies, Blockchains in Data and Communication will take place from 10:20 – 16:30 on November 4th in the breakout room.

This special breakout session allows us to go more in-depth, investigating the interplay of blockchains and p2p communications. We begin with talks about Swarm’s accounting system used to incentivise generic service networks, Swarm’s routing network used for direct node-to-node communication and we will have a demonstration of the swarm network used for p2p live video streaming. We will address questions of scalability, of on-chain vs off-chain service provision and we will outline a general development roadmap for these types of services as we work towards realising the web3 vision.